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12th July 2015
Allwood Contractors Pty. Ltd.
P.O. Box 131

Re: 1023 Edgccliff Drive Sanctuary Cove

Dear Jeff and Barry
We have been in our home for a few months now and have settled in like a hand in a glove.
Lynn and I thought we should write to you and express our gratitude for your remarkable
efforts in building our new home.
We know it was no ordinary build however we never dreamt that you could make a difficult
design seem so effortless in the construction.
Barry, your skills with the administration side were flawless and from the original quotation
to the final account there was never a problem and for that we thank you
Jeff, the way you handled every small detail still amazes me to this day and I am so impressed
with the quiet diligent way you go about your work.
Your contractors were the most reliable, respectful and skilful I have come across during my
many years of being in the construction and transport industries.
People I speak with about the build are amazed that over the twelve month period of the build
I never so much as heard a voice raised in dispute by anyone on the job and more importantly
lynn and my association with you both has always been cordial to the point I cannot recall a
dispute on any aspect of the build. Amazing!!
If ever you need to convince a prospective client as to your ability to provide an exceptional
quality finish to a home please have no hesitation to call as our home is open to you always
and it would be our pleasure to showcase your work.
It is fairly obvious from this testimonial that we would have no hesitation in recommending
you both to anyone who may be considering using your company to build their home.

Thank you both


"Over the last few years our architectural firm has had a solid working relationship with Allwood Contractors. We have worked on several very complex projects with them and they are second-to-none in their quality of finish and their communication with architects like us.

They are efficient, knowledgeable, eager to please and ready to accept any challenge. I couldn't recommend them highly enough."

Mark Hudson
Project Planning Group
Gold Coast, QLD


"My husband and i have known Jeff and Barry and their business, Allwood Contractors Pty Ltd since February 2011 when we engaged them to build our new home.

We are pleased to be able to attest that their approach to their dealings with us and to the practiclities of the construction project was at all times highly professional.

The finish achieved and attention to the finest detail is excellent.

Jeff & Barry's approach to doing business is totally supported by their highly-qualified staff & subcontractors.

We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Allwood Contractors Pty Ltd to anyone seeking a reliable contractor for any construction or renovation project."

Nicholas & Andrea Hull
Maudsland , QLD



"Jeff and Barry carried out a major renovation job on our home that was complex and challenging. The finished product won them an HIA award for the best renovation of the year. This reflects the excellent job they provided for Marg and me.

We found that Allwood made everything easy for us - they took the stressful moments out of building and renovating.

Their attention to detail, their paperwork system and their ability to deliver what the customer wanted made for an enjoyable experience. In every aspect they are true professionals at what they do. They are totally honest and reliable. We have used their services again since our major renovation and will continue to use them on future projects."

Bill Bradnam
Paradise Point, QLD